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Company Profile

Fida Restoration is a building restoration contractor specializing in concrete restoration and waterproofing. Our company values are Quality, Service, and Sustainability.

Quality: We do things the right way to maximize quality. Every project is planned to optimize performance of the intended product. Quality in what we do is measured by achieving or surpassing the intended life cycle of the structure.

Service: We strive to make our clients' lives easier. We do this by doing honest work and giving honest advice. More importantly, we get to know our clients and streamline our process to minimize their required energy input.

Sustainability: We utilize strategies to lower our carbon footprint. Buildings and associated Construction account for 36% of all human energy consumption and 39% of all CO  emissions (2019 GSR). Lowering the carbon footprint usually results in lower project costs and schedule.


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Garage Restoration


Foundation Waterproofing



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New Concrete & concrete repairs

Mission Statement

To deliver to our clients the highest standard of workmanship and professional project management.

Vision Statement

To increase the durability of structures all while lowering our carbon footprint by developing sustainability driven strategies and using new and innovative materials and technologies.


Professional, prompt, and experienced

Tailored service to your specific needs

Insured, bonded, and registered with WSIB
Friendly and easy to work with
Maintain a clean and safe job site

Safe work practises
Written warranty